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Our History

In 1972, taking advantage of his careers in international business, Yasutoshi Nishimura established a trading company called Sanko Industries in Osaka, Japan. We are proud to have earned and enjoyed the loyalty and support of a number of valued overseas customers during our 40-year history.

At that time, there was strong demand in the United States for bolts, nuts and screws produced through Japan's advanced technology. Sanko Industries developed a high-volume U.S. trade in quality bolts and nuts. However, the subsequent steep rise in value of the Japanese yen coupled with technology advances in other Asian countries eventually eroded the competitiveness of Japanese bolts and nuts.

Consequently, Yasutoshi turned his attention to quality Japanese used articles.

Japanese people's strong preference for new articles means that good quality used items are readily available at very attractive prices. We started exporting used cars and motorcycles and enjoyed considerable success. In due course, customer demand led us to extend our product offering into used tractors, pianos, Pachislo slot machines, etc.

Sanko Industries is now led by Yasutoshi's son Takashi who joined Sanko Industries in 1991. He introduced computer and opened our first web site in 1996. The Internet changed the business drastically. A small company in Osaka are now known by millions of people in the world. All companies and individuals in the world are directly connected each other. This is a great opportunity to grow not only for us but also for all of you who are reading this page.

Osaka where Sanko Industries is located has long been famous as “Japan's Foodmart”, and it would be fair to say that most Osakans are merchants at heart, who are very accommodating and easy to deal with. You’ll always feel comfortable talking trade with Osaka business people. At Sanko Industries, Takashi Nishimura and three bilingual female personnel are on hand to cheerfully respond to your Emails and/or answer your phone calls, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Everyone at Sanko would like to thank you for your visiting our website today. We look forward to receiving your inquiries or comments.